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lizza, 33 года, Лос-Анджелес

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09.07.14 13:53

I would like my beloved man to be kind, calm, tender and honest. He should love family coziness. Family is my priority. I need a strong-minded, kind man who can appreciate me. I would like to find a man who is honest, self-confident, noble, open-minded in order to build a strong and happy family with him, to go together through the rest of life....

I long for stability and coziness and I believe that I will have all this starting my own family with my soul mat. I am honest, supportive and reliable. I can be romantic and mysterious for my future soul mate but he will always feel my care, kindness, gentleness. I will do all my best to make my beloved person happy surrounding him with attention, affection and tenderness. I will offer him the sea of passion and love!!!....



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